We are passionate about amplifying and increasing East and Southeast Asian representation in leadership in the UK.

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To champion the East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) community to strengthen their leadership approach, to leverage skills and knowledge to push through barriers for equal representation, especially within senior management and C-suite positions. Asian Leadership Collective looks to change the perceptions of the East and Southeast Asian people in business and the workplace, reinforcing positive representation of this community and challenge harmful stereotypes and unconscious bias. 


We respect the challenges and experiences of the East and Southeast Asian community is diverse and intersectional. We look to build a space and community where discussion, ideas, and, best practice knowledge around business acumen and leadership journeys can be shared. 

We support and encourage allies in their journey for inclusivity and equality; providing a safe space for learning and engaging with the East and Southeast Asian community.    

We lead the following initiatives:

  • Collect data and research on the East and Southeast Asian community in leadership
  • Host events: Guest speakers and more, a fantastic opportunity to network and build partnerships
  • Provide leadership to companies and organisations looking to expand their commitment in diversity and inclusion 
  • Speaker and panel services for workplaces to engage with their East and Southeast Asian colleagues
  • Provide opinion pieces which reflect and highlight leadership and representation of the ESEA community
  • Collaborate with others who are passionate about bringing our communities together. Have a collective approach on key initiatives, projects and events
  • Partner with other social enterprises, non profits, and CIC’s to deliver joint community resources

Service and collaboration

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Contribute to shaping the East Southeast Asian leadership landscape in the UK; become a leader yourself from either East and Southeast Asian or allyship backgrounds, to brainstorming ideas of how to continue on your leadership journey, to connecting with others and building a strong community of ESEA leadership. Donate here to help support our cause.

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