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Asian Leadership Collective are recruiting for roles volunteer and pro-bono roles to support the hosting of the #ESEAEats campaign this November! This will be the 2nd year of celebrating the 10.7k+ strong hashtag and weโ€™re ready to take these community celebrations to the next level ๐ŸŽ‰

As annual hosts of #ESEAEats our goal is to create a space where East and Southeast Asian stories and experiences can shared through food. The campaign champions those who are apart of and give back to the ESEA community through the appreciation and respectful representation of ESEA foods.

Roles we are looking to fill:

Designer and Branding

Campaign and event outreach

Content creator

What is #ESEAEats?

ESEAEats stands for East and Southeast Asian eats, an Instagram hashtag and grassroots movement started in the UK by Anna Chan, founder and director of Asian Leadership Collective, and Georgie Ma, podcast host of Chinese Chippy Girl.

On the 30th November 2020, Anna and Georgie launched the #ESEAEats campaign on instagram to show strength and pride of East and Southeast Asian culture, identity, and heritage through food.

Many of the East and Southeast Asian community, allies, and food lovers came together via #ESEAeats to share positivity and appreciation of East and Southeast Asian stories and memories.

The grassroots hashtag has been used 10,700+ from businesses, influencers, and individual Instagram users to date.

You can read more about the  Eater London, Huffington Post and gal-dem. Listen to Georgie’s and Anna’s podcast episode where they chat #ESEAeats and more on Apple podcast here or search for “Chinese Chippy Girl podcast #ESEAeats” – episode 10, season 1.

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Enjoy #ESEAEats!

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