#ESEAEats – a celebration story

Happy #ESEAEats

We can’t believe it’s been such a whirlwind of a journey since the launch of #ESEAeats in 2020, a movement which inspired a community of food lovers, activists, and wonderful people to share their East and Southeast Asian stories on Instagram and social media.

At Asian Leadership Collective we want to carry on the celebrations of community, culture, heritage, and love through food – and we’ve love you to come celebrate with us!

Scroll on down to read more about:

  • The origin of #ESEAeats and why the anniversary is in November every year,
  • How to get in touch if you are hosting an #ESEAeats celebration and want to get the word out for others to join,
  • If you are a food business who wants to celebrate the anniversary with your own promotions and awareness campaigns.
  • Yes, we’re already thinking of ways to make #ESEAeats bigger, better, for this annual celebration – get in touch if you want to support us for 2022!

Check out what we did in 2021 celebrations for some vibes on what we are about, from our collaborators, #ESEAeats resources, shout out to our amazing volunteers, and more.

Find our Media toolkit here for social media templates, wording, and inspiration on how to share your #ESEAeats stories, pictures and more!

Enjoy #ESEAEats!

The theme of #ESEAeats 2021 was teamrice and teamnoodle. Our amazing bowl illustrations have been created by SktechyKarr

What is #ESEAEats?

ESEAEats stands for East and Southeast Asian eats, an Instagram hashtag and grassroots movement started in the UK by Anna Chan, founder and director of Asian Leadership Collective, and Georgie Ma, podcast host of Chinese Chippy Girl.

On the 30th November 2020, Anna and Georgie launched the #ESEAEats campaign on instagram to show strength and pride of East and Southeast Asian culture, identity, and heritage through food.

Many of the East and Southeast Asian community, allies, and food lovers came together via #ESEAeats to share positivity and appreciation of East and Southeast Asian stories and memories.

The grassroots hashtag has been used 10,000+ from businesses, influencers, and individual Instagram users to date.

You can read more about the  Eater London, Huffington Post and gal-dem. Listen to Georgie’s and Anna’s podcast episode where they chat #ESEAeats and more on Apple podcast here or search for “Chinese Chippy Girl podcast #ESEAeats” – episode 10, season 1.

Hosting your own public #ESEAEats celebration? Let us know!

We can help publicise your event for free via our collaborators section. We can also support you in providing a place to organise and collaborate too! Fill in your details here

Are you an East, Southeast Asian food businesses who wants to celebrate #ESEAeats with us?

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#ESEAeats 2022, we looking for sponsorships, collaborations, and patrons.

That’s right we are already thinking about #ESEAeats 2022 as we want to keep making #ESEAeats bigger and better each year! We will be looking for sponsorship, collaborators, and patrons of this annual event. Read our story and interested in supporting us? Drop us an email on hello@asianleadership.co.uk

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