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Anna Chan (She/Her)

Anna Chan is a 2nd generation British Born Chinese woman, originally from the North West of England. An Advertising and Brand management BA Hons graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University, Anna utilised her skills for creativity and passion for problem solving as a core part of her career.

She brings a wealth of knowledge with her 10+ years in advertising, marketing and technology, corporate work background, operations & processes services, and leadership positions held in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Anna’s skills at a glance

Keynote and panelist speaker of East and Southeast Asian community topics

Leading East and Southeast Asian DEI initiatives including events management

Women in Tech working in SaaS and experience with a variety of customers in a number of industries

Employee Resource Group organising and operations

Community conversations facilitator for East and Southeast Asian people, allies, and workplaces

Intersectional Leadership course consulting

Why Anna thinks East and Southeast Asian leadership is important in places of work

I remember when I realised that there was no-one who looked like me in leadership positions. Whilst I could agree with many of the topics and lived experience of those from other communities, and even from majority communities in the UK. I remember the feeling of, “well someone should step up, where is everyone”? I remember waiting, and waiting…going through my career looking around, wanting to manifest someone of East and/or Southeast Asian heritage to be the representation and role model I wanted, that I needed.

I then started to realise, that they weren’t coming… not to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion spaces, panels, leadership conferences. I started to ask why.

Speaking to others, I finally had the courage to be the answer to my own question.

My mission is to lead by example, to empower others in the East and Southeast Asian community on their journey of leadership in their places of work in the UK. Asian Leadership Collective was born.

Anna Chan, 2021

Work by Asian Leadership Collective is largely volunteered hours and pro-bono. We could not do our work if it were not for our amazing volunteers and those dedicated to the cause.

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“Hi I’m Angie – I’m a Korean woman who spent her childhood in the United States, and my Midwestern American accent will probably be the first thing you notice about me. I used to work in music, and now work full-time in the arts sector as a marketer in Manchester, while juggling calligraphy as a side gig (find me at @liydletteringstudio or @liyd_design on Instagram!) I’m particularly passionate about centering audience experiences at the heart of arts & culture, especially those from my ESEA community, and how people personally connect with what they love. ALC’s work is really important to me because structural changes to the industry are essential to this paradigm shift, and we need more ESEA decision makers to make this happen!”