Domino’s have been accused of perpetuating harmful narratives against the East and South East Asian community with using the line “Anything but Chinese” in their advert. The Advertising Standards Authority council’s decision “in the context of the ad it was unlikely to cause serious or wide spread offence”.

Domino’s pizza “the number one pizza company in the world and in every neighbourhood” in partnership with their agency VCCP released “Concrete Claire” as part of their “We got this” campaign in November 2020. Since then there has been discussion around the use of the line “Anything but Chinese” on social media and online news outlets.

The East and South East Asian (ESEA) community voiced their concerns over the damaging narrative and triggering nature of the standalone phrase.

“This line was completely unnecessary. East Asians & their businesses have been unfairly impacted bc of growing Covid-related racism; this only perpetuates the false narrative that chinese food is inherently dirty or discusting”
– @jiawongwrites

“To perpetuate and imply that we should avoid Chinese (and thereby ESEA businesses) given the current climate […] affected by Covid fuelled racism is IRRESPONSIBLE AND RACIST”
– @itsvivyau

Some have suggested that if other communities had been targeted, the public reaction would been different.

“Imagine if these actors had said “anything BUT Indian”. There’d be an uproar like no other.”
– @jinganyoung

Many wrote to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s regulator of advertising to file a complaint. The council noted “that the phrase “Anything but Chinese” was used in a response to a question about what food the group wanted to order. […] while some viewers may find the phrase distasteful, in the context of the ad it was unlikely to cause serious or wide spread offence”.

Since the online discussions, Domino’s have issued an apology via news outlet Resonate.

The advert Concrete Claire is only the latest example of companies and organisations who have used harmful language and negative perceptions of the ESEA community. Read our statement on The Mahjong Line here. These incidents comes at a time where the ESEA community have been dealing with increased sinophobia and hate crime due to the pandemic.

Asian Leadership Collective are disappointed with the decision of the ASA council, the response lacks empathy or knowledge of the wider implications of the advert towards the ESEA community as mentioned in this statement. Whilst the jury is interested in “representing the perspectives of a wide cross section of society, including young people, families, charities and consumer groups.”, perhaps the ASA could consult with organisations who work within the communities who are being directly impacted.

This is inline with the initiative “UK Advertising Needs you Hub”, which addresses diversity and inclusion issues within the advertising industry, created by the Advertising Association, ISBA, and the IPA.

Whether intentionally or otherwise the advertising industry, like many others, has not naturally shaped itself to be highly diverse and inclusive. […] together with external organisations can begin to show a template for the changes you might want to make. […] Looking critically at our ways of working, processes, culture and actions to understand the points at which diversity is squeezed out of the system.”

-Jerry Daykin. Senior Media Director at GSK, Advertising Association’s Inclusion Action Group member and WFA Diversity Task Force board member

Asian Leadership Collective support and stand with the East and South East Asian communities across the globe on matters of harmful narratives and unconscious bias towards this community. We stand with End the Virus of Racism and BEATS in their statements.

Asian Leadership Collective strives to increase and amplify leadership representation of East and South East Asian communities within companies and organisations across professional sectors in the UK. This includes those of mixed East and South East Asian (ESEA) heritage. We support and encourage allies in their journey for inclusivity and equality; providing a safe space for learning and engaging with the ESEA community. Asian Leadership Collective is a registered Community Interest Company and member of Social Enterprise UK, our focus is to provide resources and give back to community in the UK. Visit our website and social media for more information.

Press contact: Anna Chan

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