The Majong Line accused of East and South East Asian cultural appropriation as their product line aims to “refresh” a traditional East Asian game. Online uproar saw the company disable all interaction on their Instagram page and removing content from their social media and website.

The Mahjong Line company launched in November 2020 with their product line of Mahjong sets. Since the new year, there has been a flurry of activity and discussion surrounding the Mahjong Line’s marketing, branding, and strategic approach to their “shared love for the game of American Mahjong, which carries a rich history here in the United States.”

Across social media, the East and South East Asian (ESEA) communities across the globe have voiced their concerns over cultural appropriation and erasure by the company stated by 3 women whom are not of ESEA heritage or ethnicity.

“Straight up disrespectful and profiting of a culture they are not even pretending to pay any homage to”
– @studioatao

“It is incredibly offensive, selfish, entitled and appalling that the traditional tiles weren’t enough for these women, so they took it upon themselves to decide that it needed to be changed to appeal to people like themselves”
– @alyssahowritings

Some of the ESEA community have offered to provide their consultation and guidance on how to navigate the situation

“It’s 2021 ladies. Keep up with the times […] If you’d like advice on how to respond publicly, reply to inquire about my consulting rates and availability. With growing pushback on social media, I implore you all respond publicly sooner rather than later”
– @beyonkz

Since the online activity from the ESEA community, The Mahjong Line have disabled all comments and tagging on their Instagram page of 3000+ follows. The company and companies associated to The Mahjong Line have issued their own statements. It is not clear what the next actions or steps are of the company at this point.

This incident comes at a time where the ESEA community have been dealing with increased sinophobia and hate crime due to the pandemic.

Asian Leadership Collective support and stand with the East and South East Asian communities across the globe on matters of damaging unconscious bias narratives and cultural appropriation.

Asian Leadership Collective strives to increase and amplify leadership representation of East and South East Asian communities within companies and organisations across professional sectors in the UK. This includes those of mixed East and South East Asian (ESEA) heritage. We support and encourage allies in their journey for inclusivity and equality; providing a safe space for learning and engaging with the ESEA community. Asian Leadership Collective is a registered Community Interest Company and member of Social Enterprise UK, our focus is to provide resources and give back to community in the UK. Visit our website and social media for more information.

Press contact: Anna Chan

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